Domino Heaven...

I'm so excited that I finally received my copy of Domino, The Book of Decorating yesterday! It's such a gorgeous cover let alone the stunning images inside. It's going to take a good few cups of tea to get through this beauty! Tracey x

Work in Style...

I just love this office space via Better Homes and Gardens. It's a great mix of styles which really work together well in this room. Pink roses always uplift a room! Happy new week all!

weekend by the sea

This is one of my favorite places to visit in Brisbane. Tracey and I came out to visit our mum and dad who live on the water in Cleveland. It's such a peaceful coastal town, and we had some fun this week taking some photos in one our favorite little spots at Cleveland Point.
This place pictured above is a restaraunt/cafe called the lighthouse. It is very quaint and a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday.

The lighthouse restaraunt looks out toward Stradbroke Island.

Picture taken of a bust hanging on our parents fence.

The sun was so bright you can't really see the gorgeous Rubie Green fabric coverd stools and Marilyn cushion. They do liik rather sensational, especially here in Queensland by the seaside.

Once again, the picture looks quite washed out from all the sun. The deck chair is covered in Megan fabric which represents Queensland lifestyle to a T. The sttolis yellow Tillinghast. Looks gorgeous really. I will take some better pictures when it's a little overcast.

nice way to spend the day!

Hope you all have a lovely and relaxed weekend and thankyou for all the wonderful comments we have received this week. You are all so sweet!
Hayley and Tracey x

Happy Weekend!!!

via Myra Hoefer Design

This looks like the kind of hotel room I would love to be spending my weekend in - very relaxing! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Tracey x

Small Space Delights!

via O at Home

via Desire to Inspire

unknown source

I love seeing small overlooked spaces such as entries and hallways used as a feature by adding striking wallpapers or turning an area into a picture gallery. These images I saved for that reason - they show how with a little imagination, these spaces can be really special.

Happy New Week!

via Martha Stewart Home
Isn't this house just the perfect package? I love the hedge out the front, the lamp post, the shutters on the windows and the off centre chimney. This is an example of the perfectly presented home! I'm excited to think of the projects that we are going to be working on this week - now I just need to get started! Happy new week!

Weekend Bliss...

via House Beautiful

Don't you love when the weekend arrives at the end of a busy week? I can't wait to put this week behind me after arriving home yesterday to find a snake in my bird cage and my beautiful little finch gone. How distressing! I had to ring the "snake catcher" to remove it as I was so freaked out every time I went outside - well worth the $100 call out fee. Putting it behind me now and focusing on a peaceful weekend. Hope you all have a good one! Tracey x

Jonathan Adler Green!

We all know that green is my favourite colour and you all may be a little sick of how often it pops up in our Porchlight posts but I just had to share my love of these Jonathan Adler interiors featuring a unique shade of the above mentioned colour. How gorgeous are the green chippendale chairs?

Be A Hero Australia - the MIRACLE Zone

What an awesome opportunity for us to unite in our way of thinking and reach out to those in greater need. Tracey and I have been helping to raise money for this particular project

since this time last year when we met David from Be a Hero Australia while we were about to do a house for lady wanting to sell. David was renting the home at the time and was very keen for us to hear about his project. When my husband got hold of the information given to us by David, he was really moved to help. Take a look at their website, I'm sure you will be too!


It's All in The Details!

I love to see collections of beautiful things displayed throughout the home. These pieces can add so much interest to a room and they don't have to take a huge amount of space. These images are from Tine K Home and Chenille Home. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Wall of Books...

I just love bookshelves behind lounges like these images. Its such a gorgeous and interesting backdrop - like a big wall of art that can be ever changing. The top image is Oprah's private library. The second image I had saved from I Suwannee blog - its just gorgeous.

At Last...The Weekend!

Wishing all a happy and restful weekend! It's the end of school holidays here in Queensland and I must say I am looking forward to some quiet time next week - not that I don't love doing my shopping with three boys. Love this image via Donna Hay's website - the styling in all her cookbooks are just so gorgeous.