Resting Up!

Posting a gorgeous bedroom picture to wish you all a happy weekend because I plan to spend a lot of time resting this weekend. I promise we will make an effort to do a post on our latest project early next week before we head off the Sydney for the Trade Fair. This gorgeous bedroom pic is from Domino magazine which, I'm terribly sad to hear, is closing it's doors (so to speak). Hope all you South Australian and Victorian bloggers get a cool change for the weekend! Tracey xx

Eye on the Prize!

I had bulldozers in my backyard today! The rain was lovely timing - my yard now resembles a mud pit but I'm not complaining because I keep looking at my inspirational pics and thinking about how great it will be when it is finished. Part of my fence will be painted black lattice such as this courtyard I found while (once again) looking on I think its simply gorgeous and such a great backdrop to a small formal garden. I wish I could rip out the brickwork around my pool and put in these gorgeous flagstones but not in this lifetime - oh well!

an exciting preview into our week of styling

Hope you all have a very restfull weekend. We certainly will!

Getting Started!

via Skona Hem
Very exciting week at my house! I walked downstairs on Sunday morning to find my husband and youngest son measuring up for materials. This will include replastering walls and finally getting my built in book cases. I know it will be still months away from completion but I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I will post before and afters when it is done, if I'm brave enough to share the befores. Sorry our posts are so sporadic but we are working on a few projects at the moment and because it's still school holidays, we are calling in a few babysitting favours. Will hopefully have some gorgeous pics of our work coming up soon. Tracey xx

Weekend Project!

via Desire to Inspire

My project for the weekend is to get some artwork framed and ready for an upcoming job. I'm hoping they look half as good as this lovely display I found on the Desire to Inspire Blog. The gorgeous red tolix chair certainly helps make this room! Hope you all have a fabulously inspiring weekend! Tracey x

Doing Hollywood In Style!

I have a list of gorgeous hotels around the world that I would love to stay in if I ever happen to travel to that destination! The Chateau Mamont is my pick for Hollywood. Such an amazing history with so many big name stars choosing to stay here since it opened in the 1930's.

So glamourous!

Beautiful gardens!

Gorgeous views overlooking the Hollywood Hills area!

Such classic styling - my favourite!

How stunning is the pool area!

Modelled after the Chateau d'Amboise in The Loire Valley in France it has many stunning features to keep the design obsessed happy!

When can I go? I'll just keep dreaming for now! I would love to know if any of you have stayed here - just so I can be jealous of you! Tracey x

Fabulous in Toorak!

While searching yesterday, I came across this house in Toorak which I fell in love with. This style of house is so rare in Australia and even rarer is the gorgeously styled interiors - looks like its out of a magazine.
I just love the spire at the front and how its covered in foliage!

Such a simple living area but I really love the styling! The french doors are my favourite combination of black on one side and white on the other - gorgeous!

This staircase is inside the large spire at the front.

Simple but sweet bathroom - can't go wrong with classic black and white!

Dining area with gorgeous love seat under the window!

And the outdoor area is like 'The Secret Garden'. How adorable!

Am I in Normandie or Melbourne?

That concludes our tour to another world. Would love to know who the lucky person is that buys this stunning home! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Tracey x

Looking Ahead...

Is anyone else struggling to get back into things after holidays? Yesterday was our first day back at work and after an exceptional coffee we, surprisingly, had a very productive day. I have so many plans for this year, the first of which is decluttering my own house. Holidays have been a great opportunity for this and many cupboards have been cleared out. This is such a great way to start the year as it stops you from getting trapped into a particular style - sometimes we have to acknowledge that we have moved on from something and make room for a new passion.
The following pictures are my inspiration for all the projects I want to achieve in my home over the next twelve months (OK probably more like 5 years but I'm optimistic):
image via Celerie Kemble
I want to create a stunning small office space that I can feel inspired in!

from Traditional Home via Oliveaux

I want a couple of built in book shelves downstairs so we can finally unpack our boxes of books!

image via M-A Belle

I want to update our staircase with new sisal carpet and a gorgeous rail such as this - my husband was a little shocked when I showed him this!

image via Living Etc

And as I've mentioned before, I want a new kitchen, preferably as black and as gorgeous as this one!

via BHG website

And finally I would love to update our bathrooms - maybe not quite as elaborately as this one but you get the picture. Well you have to dream big don't you? I hope you all have big dreams and plans for the year ahead because that's what makes it exciting! Tracey x