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Tradition still runs deep among seasonal decorations, but go ahead, play with it or make your own. Deepen reds, soften greens. Dramatize with black and white. Sparkle with silver and gold. Make merry with hot pink and jewel tones. Want ideas? These Houston don’t have a deck of cash to do it? Scott Hepper, master florist and idea guy from Walter Knoll Florist, talks with Randi Naughton about some great ideas under $5. Just look outside and find some things in your yard – or your neighbors. From the home and garden center: After you’ve picked up your tree from the parking lot, wander inside for decorating inspiration. Best part? The garden department will be the only uncrowded spot in town. Share your experience and advice and contribute content like this. Learn how. With secret preparation in advance, you can make it seem as if fairies decorated your patio picnic with magic wands. Credit:, Chemtec@YahooContributorNetwork I Spring is in the air and it seems like it is time to fix up the patio if you have one — or create one if you don’t. After all, the patio is a great outdoor space that can be used for relaxing, for eating, for parties — for just about anything springy or (WTNH) — Summer is in full swing and that means lots of patio action. It can be easy to make sure your porch party will be an unforgettable memory. Interior Designer Marc Thee shares tips on how to make outdoor entertaining different without blowing your .
Whether you’re having a full-on Memorial Day weekend bash or just a small gathering, check out our guide for easy patio party décor and DIY ideas for a memorable mixer. Serve drinks and keep them cool in this bright red drink tub from CB2 ($25). Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Candles and Outside Fireplace Designs If you’re ideas around this element along with some cozy earth-colored candles. Decorate your patio fireplace with natural elements such as pine cones and boughs as well as pumpkins This dramatic display shimmers with holiday style. Using real or artificial paperwhite narcissus, secure plants in shiny galvanized tins and fill the top of each pot with textural Spanish moss. Display with gauzy fabric, glitter-dipped pinecones, and .

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